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Learn and Grow with Your Child

Let’s face it –  Parenting is tough. We want our children to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, but we don’t want to become helicopter moms and dads. So, how do we find the right balance?

How do we help our children develop a growth mindset?

How do we teach them to be respectful?

How do we set them up for success in school and life?

Here at learn2gether we’ve adopted a whole child approach toward social, emotional, and academic development. We provide tips and tricks to motivate your child and you to learn and grow together.

Do you want your child to get better at math? Try a game of darts.

Do you wish your child was more polite? Try a little positive reinforcement.

Are you tired of epic battles with your child whenever you ask them to practice piano or do homework? Why not use a goal incentive?

These are all issues we’ve dealt with in the Grant household and some of the creative ways we’ve tried to overcome them.

I hope you find this website helpful. We’re also learning as we go, so we’d love to hear your suggestions for improving the learn2gether experience.

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