1. Karen

    Such good information and important tips for parents. I work with 7th and 8th graders at church and it’s amazing how attached they are to their phones. We actually spoke with a 7th grader last night that said he preferred to be outside rather than on social media. It was sad to me that we adults were surprised by this…just shows how our culture has changed.

    • admin

      It is sad that we are surprised when children tell us they prefer to be outside. My kids prefer to be outside, but getting them to leave their devices and go is the hard part. Thank you so much for your feedback, Karen.

  2. Hey thanks for the awesome post! I actually do this every Sunday and it has been great for my family! My little girl and boy, along with my wife and me usually go to the park or play together in some way! This is great advice psychologically!

  3. Great advice! Many kids are so far out of touch when it comes to socializing in person. I hardly ever see kids playing outdoors in the neighborhood like when I was a kid. I have seen kids standing right next to each other texting back and forth.

  4. Hey Becky,

    This is a really awesome and helpful post on how to have a tech free weekend to reconnect with family. Fun is a absolutely necessary for the security of the family unit. Everyone needs to feel that flow of love again. Children sometimes feel as if parents are attached to their phones computers and video games. An agreed upon tech free weekend can help in this area.


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