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Virtual Trip Around the World for Homeschoolers


I don’t know about your kids, but my kids need structure and routine during this time of physical distancing.

Next week is spring break. Our teachers will finally get a well-deserved break, but as parents this leaves us without a daily routine. Since we’re unable to physically go away, I’ve decided to take my kids on a virtual trip around the world instead.

This fun homeschool investigation will give us a sense of purpose, provide structure to our free days, and allow us to learn about some interesting places at the same time.

We’ll explore the sights, sounds, foods and cultures of South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia over the next week. Since this unit is only a week, we’ll just be skimming the surface of these fascinating continents. It would take weeks to thoroughly explore even one country. But, for the purposes of this unit and the ages of the children involved, this unit will give us a good geographical overview of our rich, culturally diverse world.

Happy exploring!

Overview of the Continents – Preparation

Here’s a brief overview you can do with your kids before you take off on your virtual trip.

The Passport

virtual trip to South America for homeschoolers - DIY passport template

First, print out this DIY Mini Passport Book designed my Shruti at

Have your children complete the personal details page of the passport before you go. You can get stamps, mini landmark pictures, or stickers to put in the passport for each country you visit.

The Map

virtual trip around the world for homeschoolers - world map

Print out and display a world map in your house. We’ll be referring to it throughout the week. Have your children locate the 7 continents on the map with a pointer, ruler or other long object. You can have one child point to the map while you sing the ‘continents song’ (see below).

The Continents Song

The Continent Song sung to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?” is available as a free download here at This cute song has actions to help children learn the approximate locations of each of the continents.

Sing this song with your children to get them ready for the trip:

virtual trip around the world for homeschoolers - continents song

Continent Fun Facts

For a list of fun continent facts for kids, click here.

If you’d like to show a video of interesting continent facts just for kids has a good one here.

Links to each day of our trip

As I finish creating a menu of activities for each continent, I’ll include the link here so you can use this post to navigate to each continent.

The activities listed under each continent are meant as a menu. Pick and choose the ones that best suit your child’s age and interests.

Day 1 – South America

Virtual Trip Around the World for Homeschoolers – South America

Virtual Trip Around the World for Homeschoolers – Europe

Virtual Trip Around the World for Homeschoolers – Asia

Virtrual Trip Around the World for Homeschoolers – Africa

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